Silk Foamiran 0.6mm - Pale Pink, approx. 25 x 35 cm

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Swedish House Crafts is delighted to work with 14 Craft Bar and Lady E to bring you the best of the flower making delights!

Images are from 14 Craft Bar, Lady E and their talented teams. 


Silk Foamiran Specifications

Silk Foam with admixture of silk, delicate and very fluffy. It's 0.6mm thick.
It becomes a lot thinner when it's being shaped in your hands.
Before use, you can iron out the foam between two sheets of paper, foam becomes very shiny and it has more dense consistency. However, this is not a necessary condition. It perfectly remembers the shape and all the creases, you can work with forms to shape it.


As stated by original supplier, here is the details of this product: 

The flowers made of Foamiran are soft and velvety, and feel like silk and natural flower. The advantage of this product is the possibility of shading, color changes that can be performed with pigment inks .Soft, flexible and practical Foamiran can be used in the children’s creativity, because it is completely non-toxic material. 

The important point about this Foamiran's flower is that it is washable. foam can be washed with water and it is not necessary to use detergents.

The flowers which are made by these foams could be used for various purposes. In addition to being used to decorate the house, these flowers can be used to decorate curtains and walls in birthday parties and they could be used to decorate tea trays and they can even be used as hair clips.

The tiny flowers made of Foamiran are becoming increasingly popular among people forming technique Scrapbooking (cards, invitations, scrapbooks, etc.).Sales can be found foamiran all colors and shades, 

Very important: please mind that the edges of foamiran can get slightly uneven during production. Occasional holes can also happen during working with them. However, it does not matter as it is very flexible and you can still make lovely flowers out of it. With practice, you can make the magic happen. 
Foamiran is in parcel size, usually it could be bent and fit in box. So, to save on shipping, you will receive the foamiran in Large Letter Size box with minimum shipping cost. However, that depends on how many sheets could be fit. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

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