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Average size of Paper Nest Dolls 85 x 50 mm, depending on the drawing it could be taller or wider. 

Hand Drawn art by Christine Young and in house produced. The stamps are excellent quality.... deep etched red rubber, mounted on cling and contour cut. They can be stamped on various surfaces, such as textiles.

Since May 2019, Paper Nest Doll will no longer ship to UK, or Europe:

But no one wants you to miss on your favourite stamps. If you want to buy older stamps that are NOT in already in this store please buy as follows:

1. Add the quantity of stamps you are looking for.

2. Write all the names of the stamps you are ordering and paying for in the Order Comments.


There will be one shipment each month, so yours will be there. Estimated delivery time is not longer than if you bought it already from USA. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at