FORMA Polymould - Currant Leaf 80x70mm best for 1mm foamiran

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Introducing Swedish House Crafts Own Brand FORMA. 

Create beautiful and realistic flowers, thanks to FORMA moulds and your crafty hands. Those are reusable moulds to create realistic petals.

This set consists of two moulds: concave and convex. In other words, they match.

The mould is made of poly plastic. It has a clear relief texture. Ideally repeats all the nuances of the natural pattern. 

The back mould is made of high density plastic. Its structure mirrors and reflects the pattern of the mould, which makes it possible to fully reflect the natural texture in the process of work.

Making Clay Flower: 

It is advisable to lubricate mould cream, so that the clay is easily removed. Roll the clay, cut out the necessary shape and size, well press in between the jaws of the moulds.

Making Foam Flower:

Cut out the foam of the required form and size. Warm it on the iron at a temperature of 100-110 degrees for 2-3 seconds if using regular foamiran, but warn between your hands if you are using silk foamiran. While warm press it in the mould. Wait for 2-3 seconds. Carefully remove and allow to cool.


Photos are located in the internet and linked to the original blog or website. All photos are used only for the purpose of showing the flower shape.