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Magnolia DooHickeyClub Magazine Vol 16-Fall In Love *!RESERVATION FEE NOT PURCHASE!*

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Magnolia DooHickeyClub Magazine Vol 16-Fall In Love *!RESERVATION FEE NOT PURCHASE!*

Package Includes 12-18 cutting dies with a value of Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£90-Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£130 at least.

We love Magnolia's DooHickeyClubs but it is not always up to our taste or uses, because of the price we don't want to be disapointed. So, let's make a difference!

I decided to make it available to everyone at your convinience for a non-refundable reservation fee BUTno purchase obligation.

You can now reserve Vol. 16 for only Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£10for the Early Bird treat. When it comes out and I have it in hand, you'll receive an email to confirm or decline your purchase. If you accept to complete your purchase, you will receive an invoice to complete your payment. This means you pay now Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£10 only and the invoice will be set to you to pay Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£44.95before shipping it to you in tracked and signed, no loss.

Sounds good? go ahead save your money and buy with no risk.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

WHAT IS DooHickey Club?

This is a pack of gorgeous themed large amount of 'Magnolia Stamp' dies. It is just a remarkable pack. You won't find those dies separately other than the Early Bird one is you miss buying it by the Early Bird dates. The amount of dies easily exceeds 12 pieces. If you buy 12 pieces dies from Magnolia It would cost you at least Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£10 each. Besidethat, you receive a detailed tutorialisedmagazine with fabulous images and short direct descriptions. It is just worth it.

The Doohickey Clubs comes out several times a year. When you buy Early Bird you get one extra die/die-set with no extra charge. Then Magnolia informs us when it comes out and ship it to us. We ship it to the our customerstracked and signed, when we receive them free of charge.

Or you can pay in full and get the unbeatable offer:

Magnolia DooHickeyClub Vol 15

Buying it in complete gives you this offer:


Because we tend to spoil our customers often!! When you buy this item you will receive one other item from the shop FREE, up to Õ_ë‰Õ_ÕåÕ_ë‰ëÔë£20, and guess what? YOU CHOOSE IT YOURSELF!! All you have to do is add a link or name of the product, you wish to get for FREE, in the text box in the option shown up.

That is not all. You will also receive another pack of goodies from Swedish House Crafts!!

Note that this offer ends on the date the magazine is out for shipping.

Book it now because it is a worthy bundle of cuteness extremism!!

Limited stock available.


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The magazine you book and pay directly. We will inform you when it is ready for shipping. You will receive the magazine, the item you chose for free and the goodies bag all together and free of charge in signed and tracked postage.


The Early Bird date passed since 30 November 2016. However, book it now and you will get the extra die free. This means if you buy the magazine from anywhere else you are not going to get the extra free die that comes with the Magazine. Let's say another treat.

Who is spoiled now, ha? :)

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