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Gummiapan Dies - Christmas Advent Calendar 2018

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Calculating the value, we know that Gummiapan has always put in the best value and unique designs. I am excited about this release not just because the designs are special for sure, but here is the thing:


It is 25 filled bags with one time release, all limited edition. Some bags have one die, other bags have multiple dies. They won't be re-released again individually. All text dies are in English, so we're safe! The shipping starts at the very beginning of November, I know Gummiapan are always on time unless an extreme circumstances comes up (rarely). The value of one die can be as low £2.50-£4.00 each . Such price for European production does not exist, right?


If you are interested just send me a message to reserve your copy so I know how many I should order. On 20 September 2018 It will be available for purchase with full payment. On 28 September is the last day for ordering with complete payment.

It is too early but I thought you might like to know.

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