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Shipping prices for 2019. Here are the new shipping prices and all shippings are tracked:



You earn free shipping when you buy for the following amount

United Kingdom: £30

Europe: £60

Rest of the World: £90


I will be using local, when applicable, and international couriers to deliver your parcels and letters with tracked information. Delivery unfortunately is not faster but guaranteed. Prices are fixed as follows: 

United Kingdom:

Tracked, signed where applicable.

Order amount from  Order Amount To Cost of Shipping
£1.00 £10.99 £2.99
£11 £19.99 £2.00
£20.00 £29.99 £1.5
£30.00 and up FREE








European Countries: 

Tracked, signed where applicable.

Order amount from  Order Amount To Cost of Shipping
£1.00 £30.99 £10.00
£31.00 £59.99 £5.00
£60.00 and up FREE, TRACKED (signed where applicable)







Rest of the World (EXCL. UK & EU COUNTRIES):

Tracked, signed where applicable.

Order Amount From Order Amount To Cost of Shipping
£1.00 £30.99 £14.00
£31.00 £50.99 £10.00
£51.00 £65.99 £7.00
£66.00 £89.99 £5.00
£90.00 and up FREE













UK deliveries is 3-5 working days. Deliveries to outside UK can take up to 15 working days (21 calendar days). All shipments are tracked. All shipments will be prepared and booked either same evening or evening next day. Booked shipments will be dropped off every early morning at parcel location. It will be picked up around 4:00 pm every afternoon, sorted and delivered to destination.


Items will be very well packed and make sure that they will be delivered in original condition. The postage should compensate if it doesn't deliver for any reason. Please note that I am responsible for my part of the contract and NOT responsible for the items once they leave the shop. Still if you have any issue with your purchase please email us. Make sure your satisfaction is our goal. There is no problem that can't be fixed and every one should be happy, especially you!


Returns are accepted. The returned items should be shipped to Manchester address according to instructions in the return email you should receive once your return request is approved. You will be issued with store credit ONLY upon receipt of the items in new condition as you received them.


If the inventory is out of stock, you will receive a direct refund to the account you paid from. However if that doesn't happen, please contact me at once!

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